'Hitman' gamertag for sale on eBay for hundreds of dollars

In case you don't like your gamertag on Xbox Live, check eBay for your chance to be known as "hitman".

This auction is for the Xbox Live Gamertag, Hitman. That is H-i-t-m-a-n. No hidden letters or numbers. Don't bid on this item if you don't want to be the center of attention of every game lobby you're in. You'll regularly hear comments of "You're the original Hitman?" and "Wow, how did you get that gamertag?!"
As of this posting, the current bid is $203.50.

I wonder how much I can get for "tomchick". Although given the comments I regularly hear on Xbox Live about my gamertag, I'd probably have to pay someone to take it.

(Thanks Blues News and c|net!)

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