HD phone chips: home theater in a phone

While there's usually nothing sexy about a processor chip, the new NEC CE143 is pretty hot. This processor supports video decoding up to 1080p. In English, your cellphone will be able to display HD video. Who needs a big-screen home theater when you can carry high-def movies in your pocket? In reality, you'll never be able to perceive that resolution on a typical cellphone screen, but using your phone as a portable HD player has a certain appeal. You could take your 1080p video from home, to phone, to computer without ever down-converting it.

The NEC CE143 can also take photos with a resolution of 12 megapixels, plus it adds features such as face detection, image stabilization and advanced digital zoom. Phone manufacturers should be getting samples by March, and they could see mass production by April. The chip will probably add about $44 to the manufacturing cost.

Would you pay extra for this?