Portable Toaster might burn your hand along with that bread

At first glance, you might think this is some kind of cake knife, but this design concept by Kim Been is actually a handheld toaster. The idea is to run the portable toaster over the bread until it's done to your liking, and if you're wondering how long you've been hand-toasting that bread, an animated graphic indicates how well the bread has been toasted. But couldn't you just see that for yourself?

While this is an aesthetically pleasing design, we're thinking it's not well thought-out. First, how much power will be available to put that tasty brown patina on the bread? To get that crusty Maillard Reaction that makes toast so crunchalicious, this utensil would need to be hot as a branding iron. And even if it could get hot enough, wouldn't it be dangerous to hold the bread in your hand as it toasts? Ouch.

Back to the old drawing board, Kim. We'll just stick with our Cylon toaster.

World Design Market, via Techeblog