Snooping: Spy camera and microphone planted inside every DTV converter box?

A quick look at the pic above shows you plain as day: there's a spy camera planted in that Magnavox DTV converter box. Ah, so this explains why the U.S. government was willing to spend $1.3 billion to subsidize the purchase of such converters! They want to spy on us all, snooping into our private lives!

It makes perfect sense, except for one key fact: it's a a hoax, sprung upon a gullible public by 28-year-old software engineer Adam Chroniste. He wielded a hot glue gun to convincingly install a tiny camera and mic plucked from an old cell phone, but later made it clear to everyone that it's all a big joke.

Of course, DVICE readers would never be punked by such shenanigans. Think about it for a minute: Would the cash-strapped U.S. government take the time to peer into tens of millions of houses, poring over every mundane detail of life in middle America as they vegetate in front of their TVs seven hours a day?

Take a look at the video that convinced millions of chumps that the Brave New World has finally arrived:

Via Threat Level