Google Maps app shows precisely what would happen if your town got nuked

What would happen if a nuclear weapon exploded in your city? With this Google Maps application by Aussie designers Carlos Labs, you enter your address or town, select a nuclear weapon, and hit Nuke It! Boom — you can see exactly how much damage would be done. The deep red color means total destruction, dark red would be third degree burns, light red signifies second degree burns, and yellow means you'd get a pretty nasty sunburn.

When you choose your weapon, notice that the nuclear hall of fame is all there, from the 15- kiloton "Little Boy" dropped on Hiroshima in 1945, to the Tsar Bomba, the 50-megaton monster exploded by the Soviets in 1961 in the largest nuclear detonation in history.

While the danger of nuclear war has lessened since the Cold War, we still have a figurative gun to our heads. A graphical app like this just brings it all into stark reality, making us realize that if a widespread nuclear war broke out, society would break down so quickly that those located at ground zero would be the lucky ones.

Carlos Labs, via Blgd Blog and Neatorama