Gigantic, 300-pound 82-inch HDTV to actually go on sale later this year

We've been sitting through demos of gargantuan 82-inch HDTVs for nearly a half a decade now, with few actually shipped to real customers. But look at third-rate Taiwanese TV cranker-outer Soyo, planning a Fall 2009 smackdown, and actually shipping this Altura LE 82-incher.

Hiding behind the more palatable Honeywell nameplate, maybe the shipment of Soyo's big ol' TV will spur those other purveyors of 82-inch demoware to follow suit (we're looking at you Sharp, Samsung and NEC). Soyo/Honeywell's not saying how much this monster will cost, but previous models from Soyo have been dirt-cheap, with low quality to match. We'll take a wild guess at the price of this TV: $25,000 and falling.

It'll come with some of the right numbers and a couple of wrong ones: on the good side, 1080p at 120Hz, a 178-degree viewing angle, dynamic contrast ratio of 120,000:1, and that outlandishly large 82-inch screen. Not so good: It only has three HDMI inputs, and it'll break your back at 300 pounds. Or you could forget all that and just get a front projector for 10 times less money — and an even bigger 120-inch screen — without even breathing hard or going broke.

Honeywell, via CrunchGear and Gizmodo