Garmin FR60 Fitness Watch, the GPS-less training device that makes sense

Garmin made its name with GPS devices, so why did it just announce this FR60 Fitness Watch with no GPS anywhere to be found? After thinking about it for a minute, it's starting to make sense.

Runners and walkers, you might agree that if you're taking the same familiar route every day, GPS isn't necessary. What you really need are times and heart rate/calories-burned info. So why spend $300 on a bulky GPS-enabled watch such as the Forerunner 405 when you can get this slim FR60 for $129?

The FR 60 is Wi-Fi smart, sending your data over your home network for analysis on Garmin Connect, the company's online training site. It's compatible with any ANT+ fitness device such as the included heart rate monitor, optional foot pod, and lots of gym equipment, too. We're tempted to pre-order one.

Garmin, via Gizmag and ubergizmo