Fujitsu vs. Kindle 2: Similar features, higher price tag, not as pretty

While the rest of the world is panting over the sexy new Kindle 2, Fujitsu has been working on the future of newspapers for the last couple of years with their own "electronic paper" solution. Now in partnership with SoftBank and Mainichi News, Fujitsu is currently testing its FLEPia color electronic paper device at Japan's Termina Kinshicho Fujiya Restaurant.

The test is designed to give the consortium an idea of just how ready newspaper readers are for the era of electronic paper. The device is 12 millimeters thick, runs on Windows CE 5.0, offers an SD slot, USB 2.0, WiFi, built-in stereo speakers, a head phone jack, and has a battery life of roughly 50 hours. Priced at around $940 (an early handicap considering the Kindle 2's price of just $359), the official launch date for the public has yet to be announced.

Via Nikkei