Former iPhone designer works to put Android on every gadget conceivable

If the iPhone made you think that maybe you really did only need one gadget in your life, Google's Android may one day have you wanting hundreds. Mark Hamblin, CEO of Touch Revolution and one of the driving minds behind adapting Apple's software to the iPhone's touchscreen interface, is now working to deliver Android to all kinds of gadgetry outside of mobile phones.

The next few years could see Google's portable OS on netbooks, digital photo frames, remote controls that double as landlines, and specialized touchscreens for the kitchen, medical sector and restaurants — just to name a few applications. The sky's the limit, according to Hamblin, who told BussinessWeek: "It would make sense for any [software vendor] to play there. I see tremendous growth in these ubiquitous computing devices."

While no official gadget announcements have come out of Google about this impending Android invasion, Andy Rubin, the senior director of mobile platforms at Google, told BusinessWeek that Google is "being very supportive to the [developer] community targeting these devices," and that Google "had the foresight to design it with bigger screens and [chips] in mind."

So, are you going to be happy or sad when Google eventually takes over the world?

Via BusinessWeek