Fender Stratocaster as USB lamp, part of a kooky collection

The legendary Fender Stratocaster electric guitar has now been reduced to an 11-inch-high USB mini-lamp. Plug it into a USB port and its six ultra-bright LEDs will light up your stairway to heaven. We're wondering about the level of detail and quality of this trinket, which would be really cool if it actually had tiny strings and working tuning pegs. If that were the case, it wouldn't be a bad deal for $19.99.

Along for the ride in the pic above are some truly odd table lamps, one depicting the Axe bass played by long-tongued Kiss bassist Gene Simmons, and another commemorating everyone's favorite coke-snortin' murderer Scarface's M-16 rifle, equipped with a few extra rounds at the ready. These 18-inch-tall $39.99 lamps plug into an AC adapter and accommodate a 60-watt light bulb.

All this unusual fan gear is courtesy of Hong Kong novelty lamp company Rabbit Tanaka, and strangely enough, these products and their kooky companions you see in the gallery below are sold by a knife company on Amazon. Of course.

Rabbit Tanaka on Amazon, via Shiny Shiny