Enter now: Steampunk Cylon contest nearing its final two weeks

The clock is ticking, designers. You still have a couple of weeks until the March 16 deadline of our Steampunk Cylon contest. No, you don't have to time travel to the Victorian era to retrieve an actual steampunk Cylon, but if you do stumble upon a time machine, be sure to take your camera, snap a few pics of any Cylons you see, and send them into us.

Short of that, build a model or Photoshop an image of your steampunk Cylon, and send it to editor@dvice.com. Check out our example above, and then show us how much better you can do. What's in it for you? Well, because we are in cahoots with the Sci Fi Network, we have access to only the best Battlestar Galactica artifacts, some of which will be awarded to the winner.

Do it for the glory, though. Your handiwork will be showcased to the multitudes here on the pages of DVICE, and you'll win the adulation of throngs of jealous, envious also-rans. Follow the contest rules, be original, and get that entry in soon.

DVICE Steampunk Cylon Contest