The history of Amazon's Kindle in one tidy list

Today's almost-certain unveiling of Amazon's second-generation Kindle e-reader has us pretty darn excited. Why? It's the iPhone of the e-reader world in that it's the most usable and marketable unit out there, and a second release of the Kindle means that it's evolving. So, as a nod to the Kindle, take a little trip down memory lane with us and track its evolution.

The DVICE history of the Kindle, in chronological order:

Amazon unveiling eBook reader dubbed the Kindle
Where it all started — read our first impressions of the Kindle.

Amazon's Kindle unveiled: an ebook reader with free Internet access
The first official details about Kindle make it to the press.

Peer Review: Amazon's Kindle ignites excitement and anguish
Other blogs and newspapers sound off on the young e-reader.

REVIEW: Should you buy an Amazon Kindle e-reader? The answer, in one easy formula
The Kindle's pros and cons are weighed, and we nerd out with some fun math.

Spy Shots: Amazon Kindle 2 Exposed!
The first tantalizing shots of the slimmer successor to the Kindle.

SHIFT: How e-readers can succeed
The future of e-readers was very much improved by Kindle — will Kindle 2 do more of what needs to be done?

Amazon Kindle, Year 1: 523,678 e-readers sold (probably)
When Kindle's sales strength was still fuzzy after a year, we decided to investigate.

Press event coming next month: Amazon Kindle 2 on the way?
Said month was last month. You've arrived — and, today, so will the Kindle 2 announcements. Read all about it right here at DVICE.