Cylon Detector iPhone app shows who you can trust

Remember the Cylon detector that Dr. Baltar was working on back in Season 1 of Battlestar Galactica? Well, it's been perfected in the form of an iPhone app. No blood samples required — just launch the app, snap a picture of your target with the iPhone's built-in camera, and within seconds you'll know if your date sitting across from you is human or machine.

Made by our friends at the SCI FI Channel (DVICE's parent), the app can take any picture on your phone — not just ones snapped with the camera — and Photoshop the subject's face onto a picture of a Cylon or human character from the show, picked at random. Right off the bat you'll notice face tracker (which you use to tag the face on a photo) is in desperate need of an upgrade — it often jumps around annoyingly just as you're about to lock it in over the eyes. And the quality of the Photoshopping varies greatly, though the results are usually pretty funny whether it's good or not.

The Cylon Detector is a fun app, but it gets old fairly quickly. Still, as long as you have a good supply of friends who haven't seen it, you'll get decent mileage out of the $1.99 cost

No word on whether it properly identifies Steampunk Cylons.

Via Battlestar Galactica