Conduit concept phone: Why aren't all phones this sexy?

The Conduit is a mobile workstation and phone all rolled up into one gorgeous package. Pan-pipe jokes aside, this concept was designed for SKY/Pantech, a Korean cellphone company. Let's all beg them to make this a reality.

The Conduit is three devices in one. Designer Tirshathah Hunter used a roll-away flexible display to create a PDA with stylus, a regular cellphone with camera, and a slimline cellphone that snaps away from the other modules. "A creative approach to mobility seemed key," he says. When you use the slim phone alone, there's no keypad, so you use a scroll tool or voice commands for calls and texting. If you're going to use voice commands for texting, wouldn't it be easier to just call?

The Conduit is a world away from where most phones designs are going, but an exciting concept for any fashionista.

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