CirculaFloor simulates 360° of movement in VR — and now goes up, too

The CirculaFloor is a series of autonomous tiles that reposition themselves quickly so that whoever is walking above can move in any direction across them, without going anywhere at all. It's designed to make virtual reality more immersive — rather than watching a video on rails or moving around with a controller, you'd actually be walking through the environment on a dynamic plane. It's all thanks to holonomics, which have the tiles moving every-which-way without having to turn, and they can even lift, too, to simulate walking up stairs. It needs about five square meters of space to operate continuously.

VR is one of those technologies that still hasn't really found its stride, and yet it's worked on pretty heavily. A system such as the CirculaFloor looks pretty promising, though it'd either need more tiles or be able to work a little faster for more intense games. Check out the video to see it in action.

Robot Watch, via BotJunkie