Casio unveils perfect bridge between old cell phones and the iPhone

The touchscreen war is over. Despite loud, early protests, Apple's iPhone has effectively swayed Asia's handset makers to the way of the touchscreen. The most recent proof of this sea change comes from Casio's new CA001 touchscreen phone. What makes this phone so incredibly unique is that it features dual screens. On one side is the traditional screen most cell phone users are accustomed to, along with a full phone keyboard. But simply twist the screen around, fold it down, and your phone becomes a touchscreen multimedia device similar to the iPhone.

When it comes to old cell phones versus new touchscreen phones, this is possibly the best design functionality compromise we've seen. In terms of features the phone offers a 5 megapixel camera, microSD card slot, Bluetooth connectivity, and video recording. Scheduled for Japan release in February, there's no word on pricing but you can keep updated here.

Via IT Media