BraDryer: Necessary? We consult an expert

Bet you didn't know that bras need their own dryers, did you? This BraDryer is pitched as a device that can "dry bras fast, maintain their shape and protect wiring and padding, and not take your own time (as when using a hair dryer)." It uses an infrared heat source and a quiet fan to gently dry a bra, laid out on a mesh form that looks a whole lot like an ample pair of bodacious boobs.

But is it necessary? Not bra-wearing or bra-drying experts ourselves, we consulted one of our esteemed writers, who also happens to be a lovely, bra-wearing woman. As we guys scoffed at this idea, she schooled us right away about what happens to bras in a dryer:

"Typically, the padding gets all smooshed and lumpy, and heat is just bad for the Lycra and elastic, and don't get me started on what what all that tumbling does to an underwire..."

Wow, who knew? So what's next, a dryer for jockstraps?

BraDryer, via Gizmowatch