Boogie Woogie Salt and Pepper Shakers rock and roll like wheeled carts

You never have to pass the salt and pepper again. Now you can just sling them toward their destination, letting that age-old invention, the wheel, do all the work. Boogie Woogie salt and pepper shakers are destined for stores in March, so you'll have to suffer through all that pepper-passing drudgery for one more month.

While you're waiting for their arrival, here's an etiquette tip: When you're passing conventional shakers, place them on the table next to the recipient, don't hand them off like a football. Sorry, it's just a pet peeve of ours; etiquette lesson over.

We, the ultra-lazy, hope the next edition of the Boogie Woogie shakers will be motorized, so no effort would be required at all. And while you're at it, designers, give each a pair of headlights, so they can illuminate our midnight snacks.

Scandinavian Design Originals, via Trendsnow