Bodyguardz: iPhone case without the case

I don't use an iPhone case. Why? Because I think a case defeats one of the best innovations of the phone's design — namely, how damn thin it is. That's why out of the myriad iPhone protectors out there, Bodyguardz was pretty much the only one that got my attention. The ultra-thin protective cover promises to shield the iPhone without bulking it up. I've been using one for the past couple of weeks and can say it's the real deal.

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Calling Bodyguardz a case or even a cover is overstating it. It's really a thin plastic film that adheres to your iPhone. The $25 accessory comes in just two pieces — one for the back and one for the front — simple enough, right? Not so much. Getting the film on your phone is a challenging process involving Herculean feats of dexterity. All the skills you learned playing Operation will be tested. At least the package includes two sets in case you botch the first try.

For the first day or so, as the fluid dries away, you'll feel like you've made a serious mistake, since your iPhone will look like it's wet itself. That embarrassing stain-like splotch evaporates pretty quickly, though, and soon your iPhone will have an extra layer of protection that no one will notice unless they look really closely. Check out the pictures below — can you tell the iPhone is wearing anything? And when did this start sounding like a Maxipad commercial?

Er, anyway, Bodyguardz adds less than half a millimeter to its overall thickness, so it still fits in the same docks and cases. More importantly, touchscreen response is just as fast as before. For case-loathing iPhone owners like me, this second skin for your gadget is worth checking out.