Bandai Aqua Dance toy: Water gets funky, nanotech-style

Bandai, lovable Japanese toy manufacturer held close to all our otaku hearts, has a new trick: the Aqua Dance home water toy, which uses nanotechnology to send an endless stream of balls (of water) over its surface.

Nanotechnology, for non-physics students, refers to the control of matter on either an atomic or molecular scale. In this case, the water droplets roll into balls acting more like mercury, and swarm across the plastic surface in a self-perpetuating cascade. It's like a mini science lesson.

The result: A dull plastic water fountain becomes a hypnotic Japanese toy. Once the balls of water finish traveling through the maze, they're pumped back up into the water tank. Constantly entertaining, constantly making you need the toilet.

Out in March in every good Akihabara shop, it will hopefully move Westward. Price looks to be a hazy 3,885 Yen according to our translating skills, or roughly $40.

Bandai, via C Scout Japan