United Arab Emirates building network of driverless electric taxis

United Arab Emirates, land awash in petroleum, why are you so ahead of us with your gasoline-free Masdar City (a city-within-a-city in Abu Dhabi)? Well, the Emirates are awash in another key ingredient — petrodollars. But look at what they've done with all that cash: PRT (personal rapid transit), driverless electric taxis that take to the streets later this year.

When the system's fully built, planners say the podcars will be able to deliver riders within 100 meters of any location in the city. The whole network of tracks for the cars will be two stories beneath street level.

The cost? Its creators say the system will pay for itself by charging riders the same price they'd pay for an equivalent taxi ride. Similar podcars are in use at Heathrow Airport near London, but never have they been deployed on such a city-wide scale.

Via Treehugger