3-story-tall Ponginator shoots Ping Pong balls fast enough to kill a man

From the Maker Faire in Austin, Texas comes this robotic monstrosity known as the Ponginator, a 3-story-tall turret that fires Ping Pong balls. It's mounted on a bucket lift and its soft-shelled ordnance leaves its pressurized air cannons at a whopping 170 miles-per-hour. Luckily for the people it's firing at, it's usually high above the ground and the Ping Pong balls fall in a harmless arc in a controlled sequence.

The Ponginator is the work of the Austin Robotics Group, who built it to "get people excited about technology again" and start a dialogue about robots. Or get people screaming and running away from robots. Either way, it's probably every geeky kid's dream come true since General Grievous busted out not one, not two, but four lightsabers.

Check out the video above to see the Ponginator in action.

Geeks Are Sexy, via Botropolis

CORRECTION: Thanks for the catch, Jaye Vee!