ZipCharge rechargeable power stick fills up in 10 minutes

Wire-free radio-makers Freeplay enter the busy market in rechargeables at CES with ZipCharge, a sprinter of a power source that charges up in 10 minutes with enough power to fully charge a mobile phone or iPod.

Developers of the world's first hand-cranked wind-up radio in 1996, Freeplay combines a nano-phosphate lithium cell — battery nanotech developed initially for hybrid cars — along with intelligent-charge circuitry to achieve its blazing charging speed. So if you forgot to plug in your cell last night, you can get it back up to speed while you finish your coffee and bagel.

The ZipCharge comes with a USB port and a cable with a range of adapter tips so it's compatible with over 85% phones available, including the iPhone.

It all comes in a sleek aluminum and black wrapper, and hits the shelves in March 2009 with an $80 pricetag.