Yo-Yo Ma busts out cold resistant carbon fiber cello for Obama's inauguration

Watch for famous cellist Yo-Yo Ma during President-Elect Barack Obama's inauguration and you may get a glimpse of his carbon fiber cello.

Considering carbon fiber also goes into such high tech marvels as fighter jets and spacecraft (and Sony's laptops), are you surprised a man who knows his stuff would embrace one of these new-fangled instruments? Apparently, they play better in the cold. Ma especially has to be careful with his usual $2 million instrument — I'd have a few backups, too.

From designer Luis Leguia's website:

The shape of the Luis & Clark cello makes it easier to play. It is played closer to the body so the bow arm does not have to be so high at the point of the A string, thus reducing one of the causes of the "sore shoulder syndrome." There is no sharp edge from the cello neck rubbing against the musician's chest, making this cello more comfortable to play. This instrument uses very little ebony, reducing demand of this endangered tree species.
That doesn't sound so bad, and, hey — it looks pretty cool, too.

Luis & Clark, via New York Times, via Book of Joe