Wii Fit upgrade: Riiflex adds weight to your Wiimote

It's probably the number one New Year's resolution: lose weight and exercise more. Good for you, but usually not much fun. The Wii Fit is a great tool to get you off the couch and moving more, but those workouts don't offer any resistance. Training with weights is a very effective way to boost your metabolism and drop pounds. No, resistance is not futile.

Enter the Riiflex, which turns a Wiimote into a weighted dumbbell. It has two weight options — 2 and 5 pounds — as well as trigger ports to access all the Wiimote buttons. The design is a prototype, but flabby biceps everywhere hope it comes out soon — bikini season is just around the corner.

Official price isn't available yet, but for five bucks you can purchase a reservation for one before they're available in stores. Much cheaper than a gym membership… more fun, too.

Riiflex, via New Launches