What do you think is the best product of CES 2009?

CES 2009 bestowed the gadget world with lots of cool toys — from super-thin TVs to touchscreen vending machines to sleek gaming PCs — but there was one thing that was really absent. And that was a showstopper. From the big companies to the small, there was no standout product that made set gadget world abuzz.

In years' past, satellite radio, Blu-ray (and HD DVD, RIP), 150-inch plasma panels, SED TVs (even if they never came out) and a host of other technologies made their memorable marks at CES. But this year -- the year of downscaled expectations across the board -- it's hard to pick the gadget that is the true star of the show.

Follow the Continue link to check out the contenders for the Best Product of CES 2009, and let us know what your favorite is in the comments.

Palm Pre
Certainly the Pre ruled all other cellphone news at the show. But it won't be available for six months, which means this competitor to the iPhone will come out about two years too late.

Panasonic Portable Blu-ray Player
Now you can brag to people next to you on a plane that you're watching video in full HD. Who cares if you can't tell the difference between that and standard-def at that size? Still, this is a first of its kind.

Sony OLED TV Prototypes
You can't buy them, but Sony's newest demo of OLED display tech has us convinced it's going to have a big role to play in TVs of the future.

SanDisk 240GB SSD
Like Sony's TVs, SanDisk's beefy solid-state drive points the way to the future for memory storage on laptops.

JVC Ultra Slim LCD display
This is pretty much as thin as TVs get — and it's not even an OLED. If that's not amazing enough, it's also magnetic.

HP Voodoo Firebird Gaming PC
Powerful, cool-looking, and affordable — everything you want in a gaming rig.

Samsung Slim Blu-ray Player
A sleek HD player that you can mount on a wall: now that's a future we'd like to see. Still, not a lot of innovation here.

LG Wrist Phone
Finally someone creates a gadget watch that isn't gimmicky. But it's still just a watch.

Netgear Internet TV Player
Is this the future of Internet TV? Since it lets us download torrents right to our set, we hope so. How about .rar files, though?

Linksys Wireless Home Audio System
Putting distributed audio in your home could cost you thousands… unless you had this system. Not the first of its kind, but possibly the first to do it all (distribute and sync) wirelessly of 802.11n Wi-Fi networks.

Lenovo Dual-Screen ThinkPad
More screen space means more productivity. Could extra, slide-out mini monitors become the way of the future? If it's clunky, inelegant future, maybe.