Week in Review: Cylons invade the 1800s, RePet a reality & more

Our Steampunk Cylon design competition is running at full, well, steam — though you've still got plenty of time before March 16th to cobble your Victorian wonders together. Looking for some frakkin' good ideas? Take a gander at this huge gallery of Colonial Raptors remade with LEGOs to get in the right Battlestar state of mind, and then start thinking Victorian like, say, this antique gun-camera mash-up.

Returning to the modern age, we're gearing up for the big game this weekend with the top 5 innovations coming up by Super Bowl 50 and the 8 most memorable Super Bowl ads from failed tech companies. The next time you watch football things may be a little different, too - read how the government totally screwed up the DTV switchover in our weekly Thursday column on all things tech, Shift.

Get your weekend started with more top tech stories:

World's first commercially cloned dog delivered to delighted Floridians
Meet Lancey, the successor to a little Labrador named Sir Lancelot.

The Macbook Mini dual-folding concept by Isamu Sanada
If Apple ever goes the way of the netbook, would it look like this?

Media Vehicle pod offers virtual reality with womb-like human comfort
Ghost in the Shell's crazy Tachikomas come to life, minus machine guns.

Conductive plates let you cook food right on them
As long as you've got an outlet close, you've got hot food — just watch your hands!

Netflix CEO says streaming video gaining on old-fashioned DVDs
It was only a matter of time — streaming content is really taking off.

Germans create the most efficient solar cells ever made
Looks like those German solar-chilled beers are about to get a lot more efficient.

Spy-cam lighter: James Bond or Marlboro Man?
A tiny lighter with space for an SD card, USB port and more.