Week in Review: Limo-tanks, space elevators and Cylons — oh my!

This week's inauguration of President Barack Obama left plenty of tech news in its wake — from high tech tank-limos and the crazy gear used to protect him, to his victory in keeping his Blackberry and his bulletproof clothing.

Things weren't so dull on this side of the White House fence, either. Just take a look at this gallery of 40 pictures of Microsoft's futuristic solar-powered home, and the top 8 green vehicles unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show. We also busted some chops in the entertainment world with why 3D HDTV will never take off.

Like building things? Don't forget to check out our Steampunk Cylon design competition, which could rope you some Battlestar Galactica swag.

Check out more top stories from this week:

World's smallest fuel cell coming to a gadget near you?
At only 9 cubic millimeters it fits right on your fingertip.

GM will make its own electric batteries for the Chevy Volt
An early sign of American pride in electric battery making?

22-inch multi-touch LCD arriving well in advance of Windows 7
Get your grubby hands ready for some multi-touch goodness.

Street-legal open-wheeled limousine aims for 300mph
And you though having tanks Hummers allowed on the road was bad.

Hands on with the Parrot Zikmu
An elegant wireless speaker for our iPhone-filled world.

Space elevator may be possible thanks to revolutionary new material
In the future, even astronauts will have to include elevators in their morning commutes.

Casio G-Shock watch vs. sledgehammer
The ultimate tough test.