Week in Review: Mickey Mouse gets a robotic upgrade, aliens attack & more

What DVICE did in Vegas isn't staying there. Catch up on all of our crazy gadget coverage all at once, and don't forget to take a peek at the 9 best gadgets we saw at the show (and the 9 we wished we saw).

CES isn't the only place where gadgets get crazy, though. This week had us asking, "What if?" For instance, what if Mickey Mouse was actually a Deceptacon? What if wind-power-hatin' aliens visited Earth? Or what if the Enterprise went head to head with the Galactica?

Find out all that and more, with the top stories of the week:

Asgard flagship from Stargate lovingly recreated with thousands of LEGOs
The most amazing LEGO creation yet?

How the RED One camera makes SCI FI's Santuary look good
Go behind the scenes with Santuary's crazy tapeless cameras.

Opera S5: Mind control harness or iPod wireless headphones?
Headphones that will hit the market with tinfoil hat accessories.

Klingon Keyboard: for serious Trekkies only
A keyboard that'll add batlh to your typing.

Nintendo DSi coming stateside in April for $179?
Already out in Japan, Nintendo's new DS may find its way into our hot little hands soon.

Jet Spray: Firefighter's secret weapon
Extinguisher or rocket launcher? Either way I want one.

Paralda Air Purifier: Better air, for a price
How much is clean air worth to you?

Have a great weekend!