The Watch-lighter wristwatch/lighter combo tells you when it's time to smoke

So when's it time? If you own a watch with a built-in lighter, probably every time you look down.

The LCO Watch-lighter is a relic from the '80s that's a good indication of where the tech world's priorities were when it came to luxury mash-ups. We still see wristwatches embedded with other things these days, but it's usually something like a spy camera.

So, we were hedonistic. Now are we just paranoid?

It's owned by a Shea Connolly, who had the following to share:

I picked up this unique watch/lighter at a garage sale as a teen in the late '80s for $2 (price tag remains on box). I've never seen another one like it. Always thought it was an interesting combination.

$2? That's a hot deal! Ha! Get it? Hoo boy, "hot deal"...

Retro Thing, via Boing Boing