Vuzix second-gen video eyewear almost look like sunglasses we'd want to wear

Vuzix is planning a second generation of its head-mounted displays that look like "something people would actually want to wear," according to a representative of the company. Stylin' or not, the Wrap 920AV improves upon the iWear VR920 by allowing you to see — you don't feel like you're watching a movie with a box on your head.

In our demo, the Wrap 920AV presented us with a crisp screen of a video played from an iPod front and center, while everything else was heavily tinted by the sunglasses. The overall effect actually feels a bit easier on the eyes and isn't as distracting as you might think — we didn't feel that movie-theater eyestrain as we took the shades off. Retractable headphones are hidden in the arms of the shades and, like its predecessor, it can play videos from iPods and iPhones.

Check out more of Vuzix's Wrap 920AV HMD below.

Via Vuzix