Toyota car of the future to run solely on solar

Toyota is reportedly still working on that Prius with solar panels (pictured above) to partially power its air conditioning, but now a secret has leaked that trumps that by a mile. Get this: The company's goal is to create a car that's totally solar powered. However, according to Japanese newspaper The Nikkei, Toyota's all-solar car will take years to get to market.

The report also hinted at the way the partially-solar Toyota would work, where solar panels on the car's roof would supplement electric power drawn from solar panels on a house's roof as the car charges in the garage, adding up to a mostly-solar-powered vehicle.

But for that all-solar car (will it be a Prius? Nah, it'll probably be more like the Toyota iQ) to become a reality, huge battery improvements and maybe even a couple of [insert miracle here] breakthroughs will be necessary. Years to get to market? Could be decades.

Associated Press, via Gearlog