Toshiba intros dozens of TVs, some with 'ClearScan 240,' and others with Internet connections

Toshiba rolled out a variety of LCD displays today at CES, with the highlights being the 240Hz refresh rate it's calling ClearScan 240. Also on tap are internet connectivity, and the ability to play back DiVX movies with a USB drive. The company's flagship is the attractive Regza SV670 you see pictured above, sporting a new design with an "Infinity flush front." Another addition: 55-inch screens instead of the usual 52-inchers.

That ClearScan 240 is not exactly doubling the frame rate; it flashes the backlight twice for every 120Hz frame in an effort to smooth the image. Our initial look at the tech is making us think this is more valuable as a marketing concept than as a picture enhancement. Besides, that, the internet connectivity is exciting, part of a trend we're seeing here that seems to be spreading like wildfire.