Artist uses thousdands of gummi bears to make massive (and sweet!) chandelier

Some people want chandeliers worked over with precious metals, ornate carvings or layers of stained glass. Artist YaYa Chou, whose inner child is wholly intact, went for a chandelier covered by strings of Gummi Bears instead.

Amazingly, the whole setup looks like it produces a pretty impressive chandelier, casting a warm, rainbow-colored glow. YaYa connected the Gummies with monofilament wire and tied it all together to the frame of the chandelier. Seems like it'd make a great centerpiece, but I imagine it starts to look a little ratty as guest sneak a Bear or two here and there — or if the thing starts to melt. The artist also made a Gummi Bear bear rug.

Looks like none of the white Gummi Bears made the cut. (Those taste like pineapple, right?) I suppose those were YaYa's favorite, or maybe the artist just thought they were too bland a color to include.

Click Continue for a close up of the Gummies in all their strung-together glory.


YaYa Chou, via Too Much Free Time, via Geekologie