Super Bowl XLIII's 3D commercials require 125 million free pairs of silly 3D glasses

Super Bowl 43 is coming up a week from Sunday (2/1/09), so it's about time to get your free 3D glasses so you can watch ... a couple of commercials? Whether you like 3D or not, Dreamworks is hyping up Intel's InTru 3D depth-enhancing imagery with a commercial to air just before halftime for the upcoming animated movie Monsters vs. Aliens, and immediately after that, SoBe will be pimping its Lifewater swill in three dimensions, too.

For you to see the two commercials in 3D, American Paper Optics is providing 125 million pairs of the 3D glasses, which use amber and blue filters in a process called Color Code 3D to bring the cartoon characters and sugary water right into your laps. The specs will be handed out at most grocery stores, or you can call (800) 646-2904 to get your free pair.

We've seen quite a bit of 3D imagery this past month and in the past few decades — and have mixed reactions — but we'll don the free glasses and keep an open mind as Dreamworks attempts to spur interest in a 3D format that might be able to get film buffs to stop watching so many movies in their sophisticated home theaters and start going to commercial-ridden movie theaters again.

Via I4U and our sister company, NBC