Strida folding bike: "Look, Mom, no (greasy) hands!"

The main innovation of Strida's sweet line of folding bikes isn't in the elegant design that let's you fold the bike in a convenient package that's easier to wheel into an office, subway car or elevator.

Its biggest selling point is a freakin' rubber belt that replaces the greasy chain. For you hardcore eco-commuters who sweat what a folding bike can do to your suit's pantlegs, it's a godsend.

Oh, and the folding-up thing is great, too. Many folding bikes require you to carry them — transferring the aforementioned grease to your jacket — like a heavy, awkward briefcase. The Strida handlebars fold in, and the triangle design collapses together to bring both wheels side by side, like a collapsed baby stroller's.

It retails for $800, but you can get them online with some shopping around for $600. Accessories include mudflaps, a saddle bag and — of course — an iPod backpack.