SoundClip slightly boosts iPhone audio; no speakers, earbuds or extra power required

During our never-ending rounds of Texas Hold 'Em on the iPhone 3G, we're always covering up that single puny speaker, rendering those crispy jackpot sound effects and jazzy music muted and useless. Sure, we could just pop in a pair of earbuds, but never mind that — now there's SoundClip, an $7.95 attachment that works like the horn on an old Victrola.

We wouldn't go so far as to call it an amplifier, but its makers at TenOneDesign say it passively enhances the sound by a noticeable 10 decibels. Attached to the iPhone's dock connector like that, it'll also remind us to stop covering up that speaker hole with our ham-handed fingers. To keep it from being easily lost, it'll clip onto your USB cable you use to charge your trusty device. Simple solution to a slight problem, well done.

TenOneDesign, via Oh Gizmo