Sonoro's Elements W adds Pandora Internet radio

One look at the Sonoro Elements W and you can tell it's a cool device. It just looks hot. The Elements W is a curvy, sleek box with an iPod dock extension, small enough for an office or nightstand. Stereo speakers give it a decent sound given its small footprint.

All that would have been enough, but now they've gone and added Pandora Internet radio to the Elements W. Connected through a LAN or Wi-Fi, it will access Internet radio, and more specifically, Pandora.

"As our listeners increasingly use Pandora off of the PC, we look to add our service to diverse audio products that have wide appeal and great design," said Tim Westergren, founder of Pandora. "sonoro's elements W is a high-quality audio device that is an elegant way of bringing Pandora into the living room."

The Elements W retails for $499 and the optional iPod dock adds $80 to the package. Both are available in black or white. Waking up to Pandora — what a perfect way to start the day.