Smartfish Pro:Motion keyboard has moving keys for more ergonomics and creepiness

Everyone's seen those questionable curved keyboards that are supposedly more ergonomic. A new company called Smartfish has now created a questionable curved keyboard with an extra ingredient: motorized keys that move with your fingertips.

The Smarfish Pro:Motion keyboard imperceptibly adjusts the keyboard's shape throughout the day, doing things like pushing the two halves apart slightly or shifting the angle of the tilt. Sounds Pretty:Iffy. What's the basis for this idea? Do our wrists tighten or loosen up as we type? What does it mean for people with weird schedules or type more in the afternoon than the morning?

We probably won't get answers for a while, since the company's skeletal website doesn't have much in the way of prices or release dates for its products, which also include a mouse and a game controller. We'll keep open minds, but until the Pro:Motion arrives we'll stick with our SteelSeries 7G.

UPDATE: A company rep told us the Pro:Motion keyboard should be available in May for $149.

UPDATE 2: The inventor responded to us in the comments! See below for more.

Smartfish Technologies, via Engadget