Shelby to roll out Ultimate Aero EV, the world's fastest electric car

Shelby Super Cars (SSC) might be bursting the bubble of the electric car derby in the second quarter of this year with its Ultimate Aero EV. Shelby says it'll be the world's fastest electric car, but didn't brag about any zero-to-sixty or top speed numbers just yet. If Shelby's not exaggerating, this could leave all those other electric cars in its dust.

It gets better. This road rocket uses a breakthrough lithium battery baked up with nanotech, giving the car a range of 150-200 miles, and charging in just ten minutes. Hey, that's about how long it takes to fill up a tank of gas and pour a 64-ounce Big Gulp. Better yet, the company says it'll offer its unique electric motor tech to other car companies, and mentions that the motor can be scaled bigger, with enough oomph for SUVs and delivery trucks, too.

What's missing? Price. The company aims to someday sell its mass-produced electric motors for $5K-$6K apiece, but isn't talking about how much this droolworthy car will cost. Perfect timing, Shelby — announcing this technological leap a couple of days after Tesla announced a price increase for its electric Roadster.

Via Jalopnik