Sharp Aquos BD TVs make Blu-ray simple, unsexy

If you have a state-of-the-art HDTV, adding a Blu-ray player is pretty much a no-brainer. That's why Sharp is saving you that second trip to the store by building a Blu-ray player into some of its newest TVs. Called the Aquos BD Series, the new sets have a disc slot hanging off the right side.

We must say the slot looks surprisingly unsleek — it even seems to add an inch or two to the panel's overall thickness. Couple that with the notorious unreliability of DVD-equipped TVs (a custom installer we know says every one he's sold has broken), and we're not too excited. Still, if you don't have room for a player in your shelf — or if you don't have a shelf — the Aquos BD Series could be the ticket. The TVs come in six sizes from 32 to 52 inches and will start to roll out this month.