Secret Agent Camcorder Watch might not be used by actual secret agents

There are tons of spy cameras out there, though it's hard to find one built into something that won't give away your clandestine shooting. This Secret Agent Camcorder Watch is a good attempt to put a recording device into something seemingly innocuous. Hiding a tiny camcorder behind the "2" in the face and a mic in the bezel, the wrist cam lets you capture all the nefarious deeds you want while your targets are none the wiser.

Predictably, the AVI videos it creates have crap resolution (352 x 288) — less than the YouTube video above — so don't expect to zoom into microdots like they do in Alias. The still pics aren't much better, at 640 x 480. But hey, it tells time. Fun? Probably. $200 worth of fun? That's for you to decide.

Brick House Security, via Red Ferret