Screaming Eagle truck won't stop screamin' — not for brick walls, not for bullets

The 18,000 pound, two-seater Screaming Eagle is the work of a fellow named Jack Holt, who evidently needed a truck that could not only drive through brick walls, but block light arms fire, too. We're so down.

The battering ram's frame is made from solid steel and, when it's not smashing through stuff, it's got a bunk bed in the back where both of the occupants can sleep. It's got two hydraulic canopies — one for the cab and one for the beds — and a diesel engine that tops out at 90 mph (getting 10-15 mpg). The decal on the truck's hood completes it — like those black tees with a howling wolf printed on it.

Check out the gallery below for more of the Screaming Eagle.

Hemmings Auto Blogs, via Auto Motto