Scrabble Keyboard: a whole new game

In an age of sleek white Apple everythings, ad nauseam, a keyboard made from real Scrabble playing pieces is a true standout. Who doesn't love Scrabble?

This Scrabble Keyboard really works, too — it's basically a regular USB keyboard with Scrabble tiles mounted on it. It's Mac-compatible (note the Command and Option keys), although it's hard to imagine this fitting in to a typical modern-chic Mac setting. But a wood-paneled library? Now you're talking. The best part is that the builder, Richard Nagy, cut the tiles so the green LEDs shine through the lettering of the num lock, caps lock and scroll lock. Triple word score.

While this was started as a commissioned project, Nagy is considering making a batch of them for the public, as long as Hasbro doesn't sue him for using the Scrabble name.

Datamancer, via Gearlog