SAS Spy Pen, for aspiring office spooks

Conducting covert office operations is now in the hands of the masses — snoop on the unsuspecting with relative ease using the slightly pretentious-looking SAS spy pen. Clip it onto your clothing and the $104 device records sound and video footage during face-to-face exchanges, or leave it amongst your other writing implements to keep an eye out in your absence for hard evidence of colleagues pilfering your sticky notes.

We've seen similar models before, but not with 2GB of memory onboard. That's 15 hours of footage, although you'll need to re-juice after about an hour. Unscrew the top to access the USB connector, then plug it into a PC or Mac to archive your evidence (and maybe send it in an e-mail over to human resources?). Your final act is to then sign the culprit's leaving card. It works as an actual pen, after all.

Via Boys Stuff