Robot Money Box wants you to save — and will lock you out if you don't

I had a jovial-looking robot for a piggy bank when I was a youngster, and it'd read me out the total of whatever coins I fed into it. This Robot Money Box will do that and more — maybe too much more.

You can set target amounts for how much you want to save, and the 'bot bank will tell you how close you are to your goal, and even encourage you along the way. Well, that's pretty charming, but there's always a flipside. Try to take too much, and you'll be scolded. Take too too much, and the Robot Money Box may try to stop you from getting your coinage. We're guessing terse remarks and a freeze on your account first, and laser beam eyes when that doesn't work.

Take our money, will you? Well, we've got a few ideas on how to break our bucks out of the bank. Step one: Raise sledgehammer over head, via Chip Chick