Reimagined, high-performance solid state drives could be right around the corner

If you think about it, solid state drives are still living under the shadow of their antiquated hard disk cousins. SSDs are manufactured to take on the same shape as an HDD, fit into the same slots and generally pretend to be a hard disk drive for all intents and purposes. Now, however, SSDs are gaining enough of a foothold — hell, even Dell offers sizable solid state drives at reasonable prices for its computers — that computer experts are seriously reconsidering how we build computers to apply the new technology appropriately.

According to experts interviewed by Computer World, "performance could initially double, quadruple or more" if the way we installed memory inside a computer was reconfigured. Solid state memory, for instance, could be built right onto a computer's motherboard, rather than hooked up to it via slower connections in a drive form.

With solid state prices going down and SSDs saturating the market, the very shape of computing could change in a mere five years.

Via Computer World