Ray Flash: Professional ring-flash lighting on the cheap

Shoot pics like the pros with Ray Flash ring flash adapter, giving you that clean, soft shadow-less look. The cool thing about this $200 attachment is that it uses no electronics. Attach it to a flash unit mounted to the hot shoe on top of your DSLR camera, and it uses mirrors and "internal light shapers" to direct the light into an illuminating ring surrounding the lens.

It's still a bit expensive for our taste, and still requires that you use a pricey external flash unit (which can cost upwards of $400 for a good one). But it's relatively compact, lightweight, and doesn't require lugging around extra power — and it also uses the camera's through-the-lens (TTL) metering to get the exposure just right. This would be great for smooth, soft close-up shots. We want.

Expodisc, via Red Ferret