QuantumGravity watch defies laws of physics, economics, sanity

Fine, expensive watches can be divisive objects, as proven by one of our previous posts which ignited a firestorm of comments for some reason. But this Quantum Concord C Lab QuantumGravity watch goes beyond mere class war, claiming to defy gravity itself.

The term "tourbillon" is attached to it, so that means its balance wheel is mounted in a rotating cage that makes it able to resist the earth's gravity, bestowing upon it the utmost in accuracy — far beyond any normal human perception.

They're toying with us, though. Where are the watch's hands? How do you tell the time with it? You'll have to wait until March 26th for the answer. One thing's for sure — it'll be so expensive, its "infinite preciousness" will be only embraced by buyers with more money than brains.

Watchluxus, via Engadget