Phone booth transformed into soothing, arty aquarium

As phone booths continue down their inexorable path to extinction, artists think of other, more aesthetically pleasing ways to use the endangered glass cubicles. "Why not just install a soothing, blood-pressure-lowering aquarium inside that ugly old phone booth," French artists Benoit Deseille and Benedetto Bufalino might have said. And that's just what they did, installing their art piece smack dab in the middle of the Lyon Festival of Lights.

Good idea. There's something soothing about an aquarium, with its fish lazily and aimlessly floating around. And maybe this art installation will enhance the sullied rep of phone booths, which cell phones have almost completely supplanted. Poor phone booths, mostly used for bomb threats and other fishy conversations by those who'd rather not be speaking through a traceable form of communication. This is a whole lot more useful.

Via The Pirata